Battery Low

I see this screen far too often. And spend a great deal of time trying to avoid it. Fail.

My digital camera, my iPhone, laptop, iPad; whatever, I have the same issue.

I’m on a constant search for power. It’s debilitating. Some days it stops me leaving the house.

You might think that it’s just bad planning on my part (and you might be right) but I suspect a conspiracy. How else can 15% battery turn to zero before I can get across the room to a socket?

Me: ‘Why are you doing this to me?’. Device: ‘No response’

It’s draining. But at least the fuel that these devices need is consistent. Feed them electricity and the bleeping, flashing, red lights, and annoying graphics all go away and replace themselves with a self-assured green glow.

Temporary peace.

The truth is architecture drains batteries – running a small architectural practice, each of those devices gets a lot of use each day. And it drains architects. Equally. Probably more. They get a lot of use each day too.

The trouble is that recharging is more complicated. Plugging in is not a good idea. Plugging out is better.

Easier said than done of course. But it’s good, once in a while, to let those low battery screens appear, and let them go all the way to Off

Recharging varies. Anything from a cup of coffee to a 2-week holiday. More often than not at the lower end of that spectrum, but, you’ve got to start somewhere!


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