Caffeine Start

I’m addicted to coffee but recently I’ve got lazy. My wife bought me a Gaggia espresso machine a few years ago (her idea was because it took longer to make I would probably drink less) but it takes quite a while to heat up and so for the last couple of years it has sat in the kitchen gathering limescale while I push the plunger on the cafetiere instead. It’s just easier. But this morning I felt different, and after half an hour of washing, steaming and flushing through a limescale clearer (that I really hope I haven’t drunk too much of) I had a good (although in all honestly slightly burnt) cup of proper coffee.

I’m not ashamed of my addiction. Admittedly no one should ever be proud of cracking open the Nescafe; but other than that in my mind it’s all good. I’m an architect, I need coffee. I can’t understand architects that can survive without it. They must have some kind of superhuman stay-awake gene that I’m lacking, but for me caffeine is fuel.

It started at university. There was a coffee machine in the architecture studio, and in those darkest of times working through first year studio projects, and when I had been in the studio for so long I had no idea if it was day or night, 20p (I’m talking 1997 here) for a strong white coffee with extra sugar seemed like a good idea. It was a good idea. There was usually a queue at the machine. It was the only thing that kept us going; that and Roni Size.

I owe caffeine. I’m not convinced that I would have got through architecture school without it. And I definitely would not have got through setting up my practice, or the first few weeks of fatherhood for that matter. So I won’t be lazy, I’ll go on drinking good coffee, and the occasional bad one in times of desperation.


7 responses to “Caffeine Start

  1. I need to start drinking proper coffee again too. I tried a Gaggia but it was just too much faf and never quite hot enough. So I bought a Nespresso – which was great – until the credit crunch/recession/economic downturn (whatever the latest terminology for our economic mess is) when I was forced to stop spending £60-£100 at a time on internet coffee orders. The machine nearly went on ebay but I held on to it for hope of brighter days.

    When those days eventually arrived I have ever since been contemplating placing one of those orders again for the beautiful little brightly coloured pods with the pretentious names, another descaling kit (you get one free) and getting the espresso flowing again (my fancy nespresso machine will even handle the milk frothing and give you a cappucino or a latte. I’m really excited by this prospect once again.

    But for now I’ve still not clicked “confirm order” and am still cracking open the Sainsbury’s/Tesco’s Gold (not even Nescafe I’m afraid but actually better) with the occasional freshly ground cafetiere after a an indulgent meal or weekend morning. And at risk of going off-topic – rediscovering tea while my proper coffee abstinence continues.

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